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Whether you are waiting for therapy, tired of medication or want a therapy companion, the Resony app provides you with instant, personalised and safe techniques to improve your wellbeing.

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About Resony

Resony is an evidence-based therapeutic mobile app helping people manage daily stress and anxiety. It is based on a unique multimodal therapy, combining cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles and physiological techniques. This is fully digital and can be used alongside medication or in-person psychotherapy.

Benefits of the app

Instant access to digital programs for anxiety, stress and sleep

Unique mind-body therapy to address mental state through physiology

Personalized sessions powered by objective & subjective data

Multi-modal therapy to address root cause and give higher recovery rates

Resony contains an abundance of features and tools to help you improve your mental health

Discover proven tips to manage stress and anxiety

The Resony app contains a host of great tips, advice and guidance to help you to better manage your anxiety and stress and find new ways to cope better with your mental health issues.

Extensive library of resources and information

Contained with the app is a valuable and informative library of information and advice to help you better understand and deal with any anxiety and stress issues that you are currently facing.

Track your emotional
well-being through customised scoring

Answer 7 simple questions and Resony will generate your customised score using your responses, which indicates your current emotional well-being.

Monitor and track your progress over time

Monitor your progress by repeating the emotional well-being questionnaire once every week, and track your score on the progress dashboard.

Resonance breathing exercises backed by proven science

This audio-guided breathing technique helps reduce stress and anxiety, and build resilience. It combines two things – coherence training and sound therapy.

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) to help you sleep

PMR is a deep relaxation technique to increase recovery and regeneration of body and mind and to prepare for good quality sleep. Practicing PMR every night before falling asleep facilitates reduction of stress and anxiety during the day.

How does Resony work?

The Resony App is your personal guide to reduce stress, anxiety through simple but effective sessions. Resony has research-backed and easy-to-learn techniques of breathing, muscle relaxation, gratitude journaling and mindfulness sessions.

Start with your
well-being check

Start by answering a 7-item questionnaire to start your well-being journey. Using your responses, Resony will generate an emotional well-being score for you that you can use to regularly monitor and check your progress over time .

Personalised recommendations

Resony will recommend to you two personalised techniques for both stress and anxiety based on the results of your emotional well-being score. These are clearly marked for both morning and evening timed activities, and can be done daily for maximum effectiveness.

Browse the library of exercises

The library contains a selection of exercises for relaxation, better sleep, improved mood, and for building resilience. All assessments and techniques in Resony are developed by our experienced medical team and are based on established science.

Connect wearable tech devices

Connect medical tech devices such as a Pulse Oximeter to measure stress levels in your body using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data. In addition, you can control your body’s natural stress responses using Heart Rate Variability Bio-feedback.

The Resony app can help you manage your  anxiety in as little as just 10 minutes a day.

What our users say

“I can show up at work and do my job again after lockdown with Resony’s help.”

– App Store review

“The breathing exercise in particular, but also the nature observation and reflections of my state of mental health have been a life saver in the early days of the pandemic. Thank you!!”

– App Store review

“This app has really supported my wellbeing, especially during times of stress. I particularly love the resonance breathing, which I do twice a day, as it immediately centers me every time. Logging my mood and emotions weekly, has shown its overall effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety.”

– App Store review

“Being user friendly, with credible, evidence  based interventions and incorporating a holistic  approach to wellbeing, Resony resonates with me at multiple levels!”

– App Store review

“One of the few things that helped my sleeping problems. Use it nightly. Indispensable.”

– App Store review

“Thank you to the developers of this app. I have been using it to help me as I get through my final year of a degree. It has helped me stay more balanced and focussed and improved my sleep when I’ve been stressed.”

– App Store review

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