Constructive worry

Enhance emotional intelligence and build positive habits and resilience with this effective exercise

What is Constructive Worry?

Constructive Worry is a journaling session that enhances emotional intelligence, builds resilience and reduces negative impact of stress on health. It involves two simple and easy to follow steps that you work through as part of the exercise.

Benefits of Constructive Worry

Builds resilience and reduces the negative impact of stress on health

Helps you to identify actions to help you facilitate positive experiences

Structured way to identify negative issues in your life and eradicate them

Helps you prioritise and commit to positive actions for continued improvement

Key Steps


Write down 5 concerns that affect you negatively


Write down your feelings and actions in relation to your 5 concerns to improve the situation


Add and prioritise actions which you commit to do tomorrow

FAQs about Constructive Worry

What are the main benefits of Constructive Worry?

Constructive Worry helps build resilience and reduces the negative impact of stress on your health.

What kind of science is this exercise based on?

The techniques within our Constructive Worry exercise in the app are based on cognitive and behavioural science, and positive psychology.