Mindful Conversation

Improve relationships and be more open-minded and open-hearted by learning and practising mindful conversation.

What is Mindful Conversation?

Establishing excellent relationships requires the capacity to sincerely listen and understand, to genuinely appreciate and communicate well. Mindful Conversation helps you to do just this by giving you a proven technique for effectively preparing yourself for better conversations and teaching you to focus on the right things.

Benefits of Mindful Conversation

Improve your relationships by deepening rapport and understanding with others

Make co-operation with other important people in your life more effective

Gain better life insights by developing more intuitive inner responses and extending your perception

Reduce stress and enhance your health and vitality, whilst creating greater connectedness with life

Key Steps


Deepen and slow down your breathing and focus on calmness and appreciation


Focus on the other person, including their voice, pitch, rhythm of speech, breathing, expresssion and gestures 


Be sure to avoid any immediate judgement or emotional response and just focus on your thoughts and feelings about the person

FAQs about Mindful Conversation

What are the main benefits of Mindful Conversation?

Mindful Conversation helps you to establish excellent relationships with others by better listening and understanding, and deepens your ability to communicate and build an intense rapport with other people in your life.

Are there specific topics that are best for Mindful Conversation?

Whilst you can talk about pretty much anything that you think will be effective for the purposes of mindful conversation, there are some recognised guidelines for the types of topics that you should focus on for best results.

You can get some great ideas online about the types of topics that are best for conversations with different people in your life, for example we recommend checking out this excellent post on The Good Trade website on ‘99 Mindful Conversation Topics For Deeper Connections’.