Nature observation

Improve your mental health by connecting with nature on a deeper level and improving your relationship and appreciation of the nature around us.

What is Nature Observation?

Nature Observation helps you to enter fully into a state of perception with your undivided attention, leading to an extension of your perceptions of the nature all around you. It involves spending more quality time focusing on activities such as gardening, walking and observing nature – something which has been shown to have a very beneficial effect on your mental wellbeing.

Benefits of Nature Observation

Improve your mental health by connecting with nature on a deeper level

Spend more quality time doing activities specifically designed to improve mental health

Learn to limit or eradicate activities that negatively affect your mental health

Increase concentration, happiness & overall well-being by connecting with nature

Key Steps


Slow down and deepend your breathing in order to prepare yourself for the nature observation exercise


Focus entirely on a natural object of your choice avoiding any judgement or reflection at this stage of the process


After a few minutes of undivided attention, focus on our inner response and become aware of your feelings, thoughts and images

FAQs about Nature Observation

What are the main benefits of Nature Observation?

Nature Observation helps with stress reduction and improvement of mental health. By opening yourself fully to the object of your observation, you can create a inner response that can be highly beneficial when it comes to managing anxiety and stress within your life.

How long does Nature Observation take?

The actual process of observing a natural object and giving it your undivided attention only requires a few minutes of your time, so with preperation and reflection before and after the observation you only need around 10-15 minutes for each nature observation session.