The science behind Resony

We combine psychological therapies & physiological exercises helping users achieve a faster and sustainable recovery.


The Resony app addresses mental health problems from a physiological, emotional & cognitive angle – aiding faster recovery and preventing relapse using subjective and objective data.


Autonomic balance is the balance between your sympathetic and  parasympathetic nervous system. Rhythmic balance between these two types of autonomic nervous systems is key to emotional and  physical health.

Clinical chronobiology

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of autonomic balance & a proven biomarker for stress. Resonant breathing exercise helps train autonomic balance.

Developing inner resources

Our integrative approach to mental health helps develop inner resources to improve mental health & wellbeing.

Physiological techniques

The fixation in the autonomic nervous system in ‘fight or flight’ or ‘freeze, flop or numb’ response leads to many mental health problems. Guided breathing exercises such as Resonant breathing and deep relaxation techniques such as Progressive Muscle relaxation (PMR) help train the physiological aspect of emotional regulation.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, sadness, anger etc. lead to many mental health problems. Journaling techniques such as ‘Constructive Worry’ and ‘Constructive Gratitude’ provide capacity to reframe negative experiences and access positive emotions for wellbeing and problem solving.

Mindfulness techniques

Isolation and loneliness lead to poor cognitive functioning. Using techniques such as ‘Nature Observation’ and ‘Active Listening’ helps suspend judgement with unconditional regard and develops a sense of belonging.